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Physical store: +370 62664488
General: +370 69226633
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El. mail: info@hookahshop.lt
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Company bank account: LT927300010164455789
Company code: 305611977
Address: Kedrų st. 3-102, LT-03116 Vilnius
VAT payer code: LT100013365018
Head: Anton Prokopov

Hookahshop Physical store in Vilnius for hookahs, tobacco and hookah accessories:     

Vilnius - Kedrų st. 3, Lithuania
Phone number: +370 62664488

Mon-Fri: 12:00-20:00
Saturday: 12:00-20:00
Sunday: e-commerce

physical hookah shop in vilnius

Hookahshop for hookahs and hookah accessories collection point:

Vilnius - AJ Povilaitis str. 14, Lithuania
Phone number: +370 69226633

Mon-Fri: 10:00-22:00
Saturday: e-commerce
Sunday: e-commerce

hookah shop in Vilnius architect

Hookahshop Express tobacco and accessories store: 

Šiauliai - Mist Bar Šiauliai - Žemaitės st. 64A
Phone number: +370 62140511

Tuesday-Thursday: 16:00-23:00
Friday-Saturday: 16:00-24:00
Sunday-Monday: Closed

hookahshop express in hookah shop in vilnius

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    About the store

    Thank you for your interest in our store, by purchasing our goods you are encouraging our growth and contributing to our large community of hookah lovers.

    In the HookahShop.lt store you can buy hookahs and their accessories, charcoal and cups for hookah, as well as accessories. At HookahShop you will find products of the most famous brands already established in the hookah market, which are newly developing and growing rapidly. We are always ready to advise on any question and you will receive an answer from our consultants who, like no one else, know the goods on the store shelves and will help you decide.

    Frequent asked questions

    About hookahs, cups, attachments and everything else.

    What hook to choose for such and such an amount?

    We have hookahs and hookah sets from 55eur, it all depends on your available budget. We mostly recommend choosing a hookah set, because it contains all the necessary hookah accessories, there is no need to think about what to set with whom, so it will be easier. The hookah set can also be chosen according to your possible budget. At the same time, we can offer a wide range of non-complete hookahs, which you can assemble individually according to your needs.

    Do we have charcoal hobs?

    We have a charcoal igniter and it is called a hob or toaster, which is powered by 220v. The hob is cheaper by 10eur, but breaks down faster because the item used is not as intended. Toasters are more suited to the use of the hookah theme, but they are more expensive. It is also a tourist stove with gas cylinders, it is a very practical thing when traveling without an electricity source.

    Do we sell tobacco?

    We can sell tobacco products only in physical stores Hookahshop Physical store Kedrų str. 3, Vilnius and Hookahshop Express Raugyklos str. 3, Vilnius.

    Looking for a gift, what to choose?

    A great gift for a man or any other smoker - a hookah or a hookah set. And if you already have a hookah, but want to give it as a gift - you can buy various accessories for the hookah, which will be not only high-quality and long-lasting, but also a great gift for your husband or smoker.

    Which cup to choose for a hookah?

    To learn more about which cup for a hookah to choose - we suggest you read our article first about the properties of the cups. We also recommend starting from „Turkish“ or „Killer“ shaped cups to get to know the properties of the cups better and find the right one for you.