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A little about the hookah

A special tapered container, which is filled with water, can be decorated in various ways. It is usually made of blue glass or expensive crystal. A hookah can have several tubes with mouthpieces, then several people can smoke at the same time. The pipes are flexible, they are up to 2 m long. The metal part is the most ornate, usually copper, sometimes gold or silver.

Hookah stands out from many objects of oriental material culture with a special elegance. In the upper part there is a small nozzle for tobacco and a hood to protect against wind and embers. Sometimes special straw fans are still used to not only freshen up from the midday heat, but also to ventilate them over the hookah to light the embers and burn the tobacco better.

According to the construction, the hookah consists of two parts - the upper and lower, hermetically connected to each other, a flexible tube with a mouthpiece, a ceramic cup for tobacco. Some hookah model kits may include a protective cap and an outlet ball valve to remove excess smoke. The set usually includes charcoal tongs. The tightness between the upper and lower parts of the hookah and the hookah with the tube is very important. Airtightness is also important where the hookah joins the mouthpiece.