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Why hookah is low in smoke - How professional hookers do it in a hookah bar

Why is hookah low in smoke?

Why is hookah low in smoke? How professional hookers do it at the hookah bar. Come to the hookah bar - What do you say to the hookah master when choosing what to smoke in the hookah bar? "I want a delicious, refreshing and smoky hookah"? This is probably the most popular…
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Hookah Bar - Where to visit? TOP 5 Lithuanian cities

Hookah Bar - Where is it worth visiting and trying out a hookah session? TOP 5 Lithuanian cities! In this article we will present hookah bars that are in Lithuanian cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevezys and Siauliai. Frequently Asked Questions…
Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah

Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah?

Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah? - Our advice to you. The fashion of hookah smoking has appeared in our country only recently, but gradually this hookah smoking is winning more and more hearts of the Lithuanian population. Yet quite…
How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah?

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah at home or on a trip? Hookah is valued for its delicious smoke, aroma and strength, as well as for the smoking itself. The thick and enveloping smoke has become an integral part of this oriental culture…
Hookah flasks, hookah flask

Hookah Flasks - How Are They Different And How To Choose The Right Hookah Flask?

The main function of a hookah flask is to filter and cool the smoke with liquid - the hookah flask and its differences? When choosing a hookah flask, in addition to aesthetic appeal, the following criteria should be considered: Flask height Small flask,…
Hookah cups Oblako

Hookah Bowls Oblako Differences and Features

Hookah Cups Oblako: What makes them special? The Oblako brand was born as a chain of hookah stores from Volgograd. In 2016, the company released its production cups, which quickly spread throughout Russia and received a large…
Kaljanai Voodoo smoke down

Hookahs Voodoo smoke down - what makes them unique?

Hookahs Voodoo smoke down - hookahs with an exclusive smoke purge! Voodoo Smoke Down Let's talk about this beautiful hookah for a good price. This young brand from Moscow for two years of its existence managed to release…
Hookah, hookahs, hookah, hookah selection, hookah differences

Hookah differences and hookah choice

Differences between hookahs, how do hookahs differ from each other? Hookah and its choice Most of our customers ask how hookahs differ from each other and how to choose the right hookah. Hookah manufacturers are actually many such as: Hoob…
Event News Hookah Club Show 2021

Event News Hookah Club Show 2021

Hookah Club Show 2021 - What news will there be in the hookah market in 2021? From 2021 May 1 until May 3. Hookah Club Show 2021, the largest hookah exhibition, will take place in St. Petersburg. The main innovation of this year is "Show"