Why is hookah low in smoke?

Why hookah is low in smoke - How professional hookers do it in a hookah bar

Why is hookah low in smoke? How professional hookers do it at the hookah bar.

Come to the hookah bar - What do you say to the hookah master when choosing what to smoke in the hookah bar? "I want a delicious, refreshing and smoky hookah"? This is probably the most popular phrase the masters hear when interacting with a hookah bar guest. However, when a person starts making a hookah at home, the problem often arises: "Why is there so little smoke in the hookah?".

Hookah Bar - How to Make a Smoky Hookah at Home

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Hookah low smoke. What to do?

  • Hookah cup - The cup recommended is Killer, Turkish shaped such as: Solaris, Bigmaks, Japan, Arma manufacturers. Such cups have larger holes that transmit more air and at the same time the amount of smoke is higher, but with higher opacity the hookah and ejected faster.
  • Water in the hookah flask - The larger the volume of the flask, the more smoke you can blow out by smoking. Hookah bodies have standard size flasks, but there are a variety of other flasks, so if you have a flask for the mini hookah model, then there will always be less smoke this is perfectly normal. The hookah must have the required amount of water according to the desired draft, whether it is lighter or heavier, ie when there is less water in the flask, the draft is lighter, when there is more water in the flask, the draft is heavier. However, if you fill the flask with too much or too little water, you will have a problem that the hookah will be poorly drawn and there will be little smoke, as the draft becomes very heavy and smoking such a hookah becomes very uncomfortable.
  • Hookah tobacco - If you want more smoke, choose a tobacco with a large syrup (molasses). Smoke is glycerin and it is found in syrup, in other words molasses. Therefore, by choosing tobacco that contains more syrup, you will get the desired effect. There may also be too much syrup, so if you have too much syrup, we recommend that you reduce the amount of syrup slightly by pressing the tobacco leaves lightly with your hands until the required amount of syrup (molasses) is in them. need to use a syrup trap you can find it in our store - Syrup traps.
  • Temperature - If the above points are followed and the hookah is still low in smoke, the reason lies in the temperature. To increase the temperature of the cup and the tobacco contained in it, you need to add extra hookah charcoal. In order for the glycerin, from which the hookah smoke originates, to begin to perform its function, the tobacco must be well heated (but not overheated). It is necessary to maintain a stable temperature of the hookah cup during hookah smoking. It is important not to overdo it and do not burn the tobacco in excessive heat. You will have a smoky hookah from excessive heat, but it will be impossible and tasteless to smoke, because the hookah tobacco will reach its burning temperature and the glycerin in it will no longer perform the required function. Also, choosing a simpler heat chamber will make it a little harder for you to choose the right temperature, which is why we offer intensive monitoring of the taste of hookah and timely response to the changed taste of smoke and its bitterness. When you feel that the smoke is bitter, remove one charcoal from the heat chamber. After a while, you will feel that there is a lack of heat, then place the charcoal placed on the side in the heat chamber.

We have listed the basic rules for making a delicious and smoky hookah and what to do if the hookah is low in smoke. However, we would like to make one small remark that if you are a fan of Good Smoke, don’t forget to ventilate your room or room, as the basic principle is that smoking a hookah should be fun!

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