ALADIN hookahs - what makes them unique?

aladin hookahs - what makes them exceptional

Aladin hookahs - stand out in price and quality. differences, shortcomings and recommendations.


Hookah ALADIN originated when Aladin in 1989. founded his own company while still working as a street vendor and selling handicrafts from Egypt. Aladin was one of the first suppliers of hookahs (water pipes) in the German and European market! The company ALADIN is engaged in the production and sale of hookahs, distribution of natural carbon, hookah additives and tobacco for hookahs.


Aladin hookahs in Egyptian style with a modern design. The models are characterized by stability due to the threaded connection of the shaft to the glass flask, individual design, choice of colors. There is a choice of aluminum or stainless steel hookahs, as well as an adjustable diffuser integrated in the hookah shaft, so you will be able to adjust the pull of the hookah: from heavy classic pull to light. ALADIN hookahs are also affordable.


The most popular ALADIN models in Lithuania: Alux and MVP.


ALADIN Alux (Fig. 1): The series has taken the standard of aluminum hookahs to a whole new level. The lower part of the shaft, which is immersed in water, is made of stainless steel, which prolongs the service life of Alux models. However, the hook and the hook of the hookah are made of aluminum, which makes the hookah non-durable. Alux series ALADIN hookahs are ideal for beginners. The series of these hookahs is called ALUX, which means that they are made of high quality aluminum.
There is a choice of different models: Alux 1, Alux 2, Alux 3, Alux 4, Alux 5 and Admiral and a variety of colors: black, silver, gold, blue, red, etc.…

ALADIN hookahs - Alux M1 Black

1pav. ALADIN hookahs - Alux M1 Black

ALADIN MVP (Fig. 2): The series is exclusive due to the stainless steel used. The hookahs of this model are made only of stainless steel, which makes the life of the hookah longer. MVP is becoming an absolute bestseller due to its excellent quality and attractive price.

The MVP series hookahs use certain numbers in the name, such as MVP 360. This name indicates the exact height of a particular hookah model. For example, the hookah ALADIN MVP 460 is exactly 46 cm high. There are different models to choose from: MVP 360, MVP 460, MVP 470, MVP 480, MVP 500, MVP 550, MVP 670, MVP Rocket and MVP 2Go and a wide range of colors: stainless steel, gold, etc.…

ALADIN hookahs - MVP Rocket Bottom Black

2pav. ALADIN hookahs - MVP Rocket Bottom Black


Aluminum and stainless steel (Alux models), stainless steel (MVP models).


Each of the ALADIN models is fully equipped: hookah (shaft, stem, plate, connectors, gaskets, mouthpiece, hose, flask, diffuser), pliers, chimney (for the German market. In Lithuania, the most commonly used heat chamber, which can be purchased in the additional section - Heat chamber for hookah), cup (more for use with a chimney than a heat chamber, so we recommend purchasing an additional cup immediately - Bowls for hookah).


For hookahs Alux and MVP it is possible to connect additional hoses (from 1 to 4 pcs.) Depending on the selected model.

Additional hoses are connected to the following hooks: Alux M4, Alux M5 and MVP 470, MVP 480, MVP 500, MVP 550. Hoses for hookah and mouthpiece - Hookers for hookahs

To purchase an additional hose and mouthpiece for the hookah MVP model, please contact us as an additional adapter is required, which is not included in the kit by the manufacturer.


  • Prices for ALADIN Alux models: from 64.99Eur to 99.99Eur.
  • Prices for ALADIN MVP models: from 54.99Eur to 129.99Eur.


The main disadvantage of ALADIN hookah - flask. As the flask is not universal (with a gasket), only a threaded flask of a certain model is suitable for it, therefore ALADIN flasks are not available everywhere (flasks differ depending on the model and color), then the time to obtain the flask is extended. At the moment, it is possible to order flasks of all models, which we have in the range of ALADIN hookahs, but older models, which we do not sell, are no longer produced by the flask manufacturer. So when you stop making a certain model of hookah, it will be difficult to discover a new flask when it breaks.


  • Small (travel hookah (23cm) - ALADIN 2Go.
  • Medium-sized hookahs (from 36cm to 50cm) - ALADIN Alux M1, Alux M3, Alux M5, Admiral, MVP 360, MVP 460, MVP 470, MVP 480, MVP 500.
  • High hooks (from 52cm to 67cm) - ALADIN Alux M2, Alux M4, MVP 550, MVP 670, MVP Rocket.

In the absence of hookah and additives, additional coal would have to be purchased - Coal for hookah and a hob for hookah charcoal - Hobs and toasters for hookah charcoal


ALADIN hookahs are always available in the online store - or in the physical store at Kedrų str.3, Vilnius.

Do you have any questions? contact us contacts page or email us at Facebook and we will respond to your request the same day.

I wish you delicious smoke, team!

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