Hookah differences and hookah choice

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Differences between hookahs, how do hookahs differ from each other? Hookah and its choice

Most of our clients ask what makes hookahs different from each other and how to choose the right hookah for themselves. Hookah manufacturers are actually many such as: Hoob hookah, Alpha hookah, Amy delux, Aladin, Union Hookah, Maklaud, Bigmaks, Nube Unique, Shadows, etc., so choosing a hookah and understanding its properties is becoming increasingly difficult. In this article, we will answer the most important questions about hookahs and their differences, what to consider when choosing a hookah for home and / or travel.

Hookah height

  • Travel mini hookah - it is compact, small hookahwhich takes up less space when traveling. The height of such hookahs can be from 12 cm to 36 cm. Sometimes travel hookahs come with an extra bag for hookahs and accessories.
  • Standard hookah - it is a hookah used both at home and outdoors. The height of such hookahs is usually from 45 cm to 75 cm. The height of the hookah is chosen depending on whether you want to use the hookah when placing it on a table or you want to build it on the floor. If the hookah is to be used on a table, then a medium-height or high hookah will suffice. If used on the floor, it is recommended to choose a high hookah. If it will be used both on the table and on the floor, it is recommended to choose a high hookah or a hookah in two parts.
  • Two-piece hookah - is a hookah whose stem consists of two parts, which regulate the height of the hook of the hook (Figure 1). The height of such a hookah can be e.g. selected - 45cm, fully assembled - 70cm. Hookahs of these species are convenient to use both on the table and on the floor.
Hookah, hookahs, hookahs online

Fig. 1 Two-piece hookah

Hookah shaft diameter

Hookah shafts usually come in a variety of diameters, so what kind of hookah attraction you want is taken into account.
Hookah traction is divided into three types:
- classic (heavier, with traction resistance),
- medium (with low resistance),
- easy (with low resistance).
The diameter of the hookah shaft is from 10 mm to 16 mm. It depends on what hookah you will have and how much effort it will take to incorporate the smoke into your lungs. The smaller the diameter of the shaft, the heavier the thrust, the larger the diameter - the lighter the thrust. Therefore, when choosing a hookah, it is recommended to try hookahs in Lithuanian hookahs in order to better understand what to expect and what kind of hookah attraction you prefer. The draft of the hookah is also influenced by how many centimeters there is in a shaft submerged in water, by default it is from 1.5 cm to - 2.0 cm.

Mouthpiece for hookah

Hookahs are usually available with a mouthpiece (Figure 2). However, not all hookah manufacturers come with a mouthpiece along with a hookah. For example, hookah manufacturers such as: HOOB, KARMA, MEN, MAKLAUD, STEMULATION, WOOKAH. Such hookah manufacturers usually do not add a mouthpiece to the set, so that the price of the hookah is lower and the customer has the opportunity to choose the mouthpiece according to the desired design and available budget. In our store HookahShop.lt you can buy whatever mouthpiece you want according to your hookah design.

Hooker for hookah MAKLAUD Dragon

Fig. 2 Mouthpiece for hookah

Hook for flask and their properties

There are various types of hook flasks (Fig. 3), such as threaded with the thread provided by the manufacturer and universal with an intermediate connection. We will briefly tell you what is different hookah flasks and what are their pros and cons.

  • Threaded flasks - the advantage of these flasks is that the hookah can be taken behind the shaft and it will not fall, because the threaded connections are extremely tight behind the shaft. The downside to these flasks is that when you break a flask, it's pretty hard to find another one, and sometimes even the manufacturers stop making them and have to look for additional solutions to replace the flask.
  • Universal flasks with intermediate connection - these flasks are the most commonly used. Flasks with an intermediate connection are usually made of thicker glass, so these flasks are used by most manufacturers. When buying a hookah with such a connection you have an advantage, because if you break the flask, it will be easy to change to another and choose the desired design. The choice of these flasks is greater.
  • Unique connection flasks - hookahs with such connections are not very numerous, but sometimes premium hookah manufacturers such as. Steamulation creates unique connections (click system) that perform the same function. With such a connection, the flask does not turn, but settles.

Flasks for hookah it also comes in different shapes: drop, craft, cube, etc. The flasks have not only different shapes but also different production methods, they can be made of plain glass, crystal, plastic, clay - this increases their choice according to the wishes of each hookah enthusiast.

Flask for bald OCEAN Hookah Tradi Bowl Million Cut Black

Fig. 3 Flask for hookah

Hookah adapters-connectors

Hookahs come in a variety of modifications, so we get questions about why there are more hookahs on the market right now with a single hose adapter connector. Hookahs with more hose connections are not comfortable in the smoking process, as most of these hookahs do not have fully functioning smoke extraction valves, then the hookah starts to heat up and the smoking process becomes less comfortable than with a single connection hookah. Only one hookah currently on the market has an interesting solution using multiple hoses at once, this is the merit of the manufacturer Steamulation and a long work process, making this manufacturer the only one on the market with a full-fledged 2-3 hose adapter with smoke purge valve.

Hookah differences and hookah selection, hookah, hookahs, hookah online

Diffuser for hookah

When choosing a hookah, it is important to consider whether you want a hookah only for classic traction or you also want a lighter diffuser traction. This is important when watching TV, listening to music, etc., so that smoking hookah makes less noise. So when choosing a hookah, consider whether the hookah is supplied with a diffuser (Figure 4). Hookah diffusers are adjustable or non-adjustable (built into the shaft). If you choose a hookah with an unregulated diffuser, you will not be able to smoke a classic hook hook, ie the draft will always be easy. If the hookah is not included in the set, it can be purchased additionally. We offer to buy a universal (silicone) diffuser, which will fit all hookah models or purchase a metal diffuser that will only fit a certain diameter hookah shaft.

Hooked diffuser TOTEM HOOKAH

Fig. 4 Diffuser for hookah

Hookah shaft design

Hookahs come in a variety of designs, so when choosing a hookah you can consider not only the characteristics of the hookah but also its design. The design of the hookah shaft (Fig. 5) can be relevant for your business and its interior as well as home design as an accessory detail that complements the design of your home.

Hookah Hoob Mars Black Mini

Fig. 5 Hookah shaft

Hookah adapter connectors

Hookah adapter connectors (Figure 6) are important because the additional benefits of a hookah provide more comfort when using it. Each manufacturer chooses, according to its production capacity, which hook-and-loop connectors to use, for example: magnetic connectors, connectors with O-rings, direct connectors for precise connection of metal to each other, threaded connectors with special clamps. Therefore, when choosing a hookah, you can also take into account the properties of its connection.

hookah adapter, hookah, hookah, hookahs

Fig. 6 Hookah adapter connector

hookahs online - hookahshop.lt

All hookahs come in different configurations, so it is important to read the description to see if it contains everything you need for a full-fledged smoking process. Hookahs with a threaded flask connection are always included with the flasks, and hookahs with universal gaskets do not always have flasks included, so when choosing a hookah do not forget to read the description whether the hookah has a flask and what type is used.

  1. Mini hookahs are usually equipped with additional accessories, such as: tongs, hose, mouthpiece, travel bag.
  2. Standard hookahs are usually bundled with a variety of different accessories, but not always. Some manufacturers of hookahs do not have a hookah flask, hose, tongs, mouthpiece or other accessories, so before choosing a hookah you need to decide what accessories will be needed to make the hookah delightful and have a complete set for a delicious and refreshing smoking session. In our store you will find ready-made hookah sets, you can find them in the hookah store section - Hookah sets.

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