ADALYA and BLUE HORSE flavor lines in the Lithuanian market

ADALYA and BLUE HORSE flavor lines in the Lithuanian market

ADALYA and BLUE HORSE taste lines in the Lithuanian market - which taste to choose?

These are really interesting flavors that returned to the Lithuanian market in 2021 with new flavors and (sub.brand) Blue Horse this is the same company producing tobacco in Turkey only Blue Horse got TOP flavors such as North Lights and Rio Ks. The tobacco obtained in Lithuania is not from the German market, therefore its taste is the same as it was invented, without changes. It really fascinates the lovers of the real Adalya and Blue Horse flavor line. This tobacco needs to be packaged without touch, it is afraid of heat so you need to adjust the heat properly so as not to burn the tobacco and ruin your pleasant and refreshing hookah session. The red tobacco leaf is painted with food coloring, it doesn’t affect smoking, it’s just the manufacturer’s brand decision.


Aca - Aromatic acai berry flavor.
Blue Yellow - Sweet melon with cold.
Gipsy Kings - Sweet ripe peaches, watermelon and melon.
Hawaii - Sweet mango, slightly sour pineapple intertwined with the aftertaste of cold mint. (TOP)
Ice Cran - Sour cranberries with a little mint. (TOP)
Ice Tngerine - Citrus fruit aroma with a freezing mint aftertaste.
LO66 - Ripe melon, watery watermelon and a sweet passion fruit flavor with a little mint. (TOP)
Mng Tango Ice - A duo of sweet mango and exotic passion fruit that intertwines with cold mint.
Raspbry Pie - A cake with a mild raspberry aroma.
Three Angels - Citrus acid, sweet passion fruit and mint.
Tonys Destiny - Cacti that have a sweet peach flavor and sour green lemon.

Blue Horse

Baku Nights - Fruit mixture with sweet peppermint.
North Lights - A fruit blend that combines sour with a little bitterness grapefruit, orange notes and exotic fruit guava. The whole mixture is flavored with a light cinnamon spice. (TOP)
Rio Ks - Tropical fruits that stand out with a light mint aftertaste. (TOP)
The Coldest Green - You can feel the light acidity of green lemons and the aftertaste of fresh mint, which is perfect when you want to escape from sweetness.

* TOP - Our personally recommended flavors.

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