How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah?

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah at home or on a trip?

Hookah is valued for its delicious smoke, aroma and strength, as well as for the smoking itself. The thick and enveloping smoke became an integral part of this oriental culture. Almost all types of mixtures give hookah the same amount of smoke as it should be. And why is it sometimes different? The online store "" will answer and share the secrets of a really smoky hookah.

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah: Heat control and factors

If you want your hookah to be really smoky and delicious, let's share what it depends on:

  • A quality blend for hookah that contains enough glycerin and is made from quality raw materials;
  • Choice of quality coal: Cocopalm, Shaman, Zocomo, OneNation, etc., which are mostly made from 100% coconut shells;
  • Choosing the right cup Turkish, Killer, Phunnel. Choice of cup according to the type of tobacco: light (brown, red tobacco leaf) or dark (dark, black tobacco leaf);
  • Cup packaging by type of tobacco: tobacco should be packaged loose;
  • The tightness of the hookah is very important!

The more glycerin, the more smoke the hookah mixture gives you. Look at the composition of the package, ask the seller what mixture is recommended for hookah and which cup for hookah is most suitable for such a mixture. If the mixture is very dry or light for the hookah, then the rapidly heated charcoal will not allow the temperature in the cup to be properly distributed and then the mixture will reach the burning temperature for the hookah. To prevent the mixture from burning quickly, wait until the cup is fully heated before smoking. Hold the charcoal for 3-5 minutes, then start smoking the hookah. Firmly compressed tobacco will not provide the desired hookah smoke. Hookah masters recommend packing the cup properly so that the heat chamber does not touch the mixture to the hookah. The mixture for the hookah should be fluffy and breathable so that each leaf has an air gap and reveals more of its properties when smoking a hookah. When assembling the hookah, make sure all its parts are tightly twisted and the hookah is really airtight and sturdy. The tightness can be checked by squeezing the upper part of the hookah where the cup joins and drawing air through the mouthpiece. If you fail to pass the air, you will realize that the hookah is airtight.

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah Step by step

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah Step by step

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah: Step by step

The practical part of hookah preparation consists of several important steps:

  • Fill the flask with water so that the shaft is immersed in it not more than 1-1.5 cm;
  • Check all parts of the hookah or all for leaks and tightness;
  • Before adding the mixture to the hookah, you can cut it, then place it loosely in a cup;
  • Distribute the mixture on the hookah so that it is fluffy and fills the ⅔ cups;
  • Leave a distance of about 3 mm between the heat chamber and the mixture for the hookah;
  • Use a heat chamber, it will make it easier for you to use a hookah;
  • Place the charcoal on the heat chamber and wait for the cup to heat up;
  • Start smoking hookah slowly after you wait 3-5 minutes!

How to prepare a delicious and smoky hookah: How to smoke a hookah to make it smoky?

Whether you smoke alone or with friends, how deeply you inhale and whether you keep an eye on the heat - it will determine how much smoke you exhale and how smoky the hookah will be. Here are some simple tips:

  • Make longer inclusions, 3-6 seconds each;
  • Take control hookah cups heat level;
  • Put less coal if you smoke with friends!

Take a deep breath to protect the hookah mixture from overheating. This will help prevent bitterness from overheating the hookah leaf. Also, the amount of smoke you exhale depends directly on how much air you inhale. Depending on the type of charcoal used, add charcoal if you feel less smoke even when pulling on longer pulls. In case the hookah smokes well, but you are not satisfied with the smokiness of the hookah, cover coal heat chamber lid or hood for cup heating. This will allow the mixture to get more heat. If you smoke in a group, reduce the amount of carbon by one unit. Frequent pulling of the hookah heats up the cup and mixture for the hookah, so the mixture can burn. If there is too much carbon, the mixture will reach the combustion temperature for the hookah. Not only are the skills of a hookah master important, but a high quality blend for hookah is the key to success in the smoking process. We wish you success in the hookah preparation processes!

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