Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah?

Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah

Hookah gift - how to choose the right hookah? - Our advice to you.

The fashion of hookah smoking has appeared in our country only recently, but gradually this hookah smoking is winning more and more hearts of the Lithuanian population. Until recently, exotic entertainment was associated only with oriental culture, but now hookah is becoming a common thing - at celebrations, weddings, parties. Due to its unusual and beautiful appearance, the hookah and the whole hookah set is a great gift for every fan of good smoke. Not knowing which hookah you want to give - you can contact our store staff, who will help you choose a hookah and accessories for the hookah according to your needs. Hookah shops are also available gift certificate.

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gift coupon for hookah

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What is best to give a hookah as a gift or gift voucher?

  • When buying a hookah as a gift - you will need to consider many selection factors that will determine the price and quality of the gift. You will find all the details in detail in the text below.
  • When buying a hookah store gift voucher - you will not have to worry about additional information about choosing a hookah, so you only have to decide what budget is available for the purchase of a gift voucher.

Hookah gift, who will appreciate this gift?
Before donating a hookah or hookah set, you should think about its relevance. Older people will not appreciate the sophistication of the gift and will use it as a home decoration.

The hookah gift is suitable for young and middle-aged people who know and know it well, have already appreciated the hookah and the pleasure it provides. Hookah as a gift, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, so a person who receives this gift will be able to enjoy a hookah everywhere!
When choosing a hookah, it is worth considering a person’s lifestyle and perhaps the interior of his or her home, whether he or she has time to hurry to ignite the charcoal, fill a hookah with a cup of tobacco, and sit on the couch and enjoy the hookah smoke.

Also, the design of the hookah should not be forgotten, because hookah is not only smoked, its design can be enjoyed in the smoking process. It is also necessary to determine who will use it: a woman (they usually adore everything that shines and is beautifully decorated, depending on hobbies) or a man (they are usually suitable for reliable and functional devices that elegantly fit into the home interior such as hookahs such as: Japan, Karma, Blade, Alpha, Hoob…).

Hookah selection criteria:
When choosing a hookah as a gift, you should focus on the following characteristics:

  • Hookah functionality and reliability;
  • Hookah appearance;
  • Hookah practicality.
  • You also need to consider the price category according to what your budget is when buying a hookah as a gift.

What parameters should you focus on?
For example, you decide to buy a hookah for a friend specifically for smoking alone or in the company.

Hookah height. The height could be about 46-80 cm - depending on the design what it is.
Hookah price. Prices start at € 59 and up. However, higher quality hookahs can be purchased in the middle price range and cost from 100 euros while choosing hookah set the price would be from 149 euros and more.
Materials from which the hookah is made. The optimal solution for hookah selection based on the quality of materials is stainless steel, and for flasks - thick and heavy glass. Cups are mostly made of ceramic and clay, others are silicone and glass, but are less common.
Hookah set. This is an important point. Gifts are worth picking up a set of hookahs offered in the Hookahshop store with accessories such as: tongs, heat chamber, hookah cup, charcoal, hob (to ignite charcoal). In addition to the whole set, we always recommend purchasing additional tobacco for hookah. When you buy a hookah set at the Hookahshop store, you always get instructions on how to prepare and maintain a hookah properly, as well as constant support from our team in advising the recipient on various issues of hookah preparation. Therefore, the hookah gift will not be forgotten or unused.

Choose a hookah as a gift only at reputable stores, as not all stores mark items that are made as a replica and this is not an original product invented by the actual developer. Our store provides information about the originality of the product and provides a guarantee for hookahs, as well as protects you from the manufacturer's defects.

I wish you delicious smoke,
Hookahshop.lt team!

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